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Youth Coordinator Hired

ICCNS has hired Coady Bustin as their Summer Youth Coordinator (Mentor). Coady resides in Skye Glen and attends Memorial University in Newfoundland where is enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Law & Society.

Coady was a national recipient for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation in 2006, as well as the Lieutenant Governor’s Medallion and the Governor General’s Academic Medal. He is on the Dean’s List at Memorial University.

Coady’s interest in politics are evident as he is the Nova Scotia Caucus Chair, MYP Candidate for Cape Breton–Canso.

He should be able to help us “Go Green at C@P” (our theme from last summer) as he was Environmental Coordinator for his residence at MUN, where he developed recycling and green initiatives.

Coady is very proficient with computers, both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. He has first-hand knowledge with desktop publishing, graphics, and word processing software. He has already created a lovely new brochure for ICCNS, updated the ICCNS Youth Forum and helped me out with a number of computer related tasks.

Being not just a scout but a Chief Scout – receiving the Cheif Scout’s Award, the highest possible award in Canadian Scouting; Coady has taken our theme for this summer – Geocaching at C@P – and run with it. I mean this literally! He ran with the GPS that was given to our region from NS C@P before I had a chance to open the box! We’re both really excited about this project, and he was anxious to get his hands on the GPS and learn everything about it. I can relate, because when I received a second GPS for ICCNS yesterday, I did the same!

Another one of Coady’s interests is in theatre. He has been a member of the Centre Stage Players Group for the past couple of years and has performed in the large summer production of a two-act play, “Office Hours” and just recently “Cobbler, Stick to Thy Last” – which the play group performed at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival.

Coady has many skills and talents to bring to the table, and we at ICCNS are looking forward to an exciting and successful summer with him in place as Youth Coordinator.  Check out his blog –Blog at High Dough.

Darlene Cameron


Reduce Your Computer’s Power Consumption in Minutes

As part of our Go Green at C@P campaign last summer, students were given the task making C@P Sites “Green” and encouraging C@P Users to do the same at home. One of the students had found statistics regarding computer usage and the dollar value saved if you turned your computer off each night( I don’t remember off hand what this figure is..and if I go looking for it I’ll be sidetracked once again – and this little note is already a sidetrack from my scheduled task).

Students were advised to shut down all the computers in the C@P sites at the end of each day to help reduce electrical costs for their site, and to do their bit for conservation. I must admit, I’ve been neglecting to ensure that this is done at my workplace and in my own home; but after reading an article in the Tech Soup Blog, I’m going to make a definite effort to make sure all computers are shut off at end of the day or when not in use. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Think how brightly a 100 watt bulb glowed in your home. An Energy Star–compliant computer in active mode consumes 9 percent more energy than that.Assuming that you shut down your computer for 16 hours a day (versus keeping it active 24-7), you could save $0.16 and 2.63 pounds of carbon dioxide per day, or 960 pounds per year. A car emits about 2,666 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, meaning that the energy you will save over the course of the computer’s life (3 years = 2,880 lbs) will equal a bit more than taking a car off the road for a year.

To read the full article, click here.