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Tourism Keys – Internet Marketing Lessons

As I explained in my Welcome Post, my very first blog, I owe thanks to Todd Lucier, and his 2 day work shop on Tourism Keys, for my new found blogging skills and my understanding of how powerful and useful a tool that blogs can be. I promised to share the skills I learned at this workshop with you through this blog.

Well I’m excited to pass along a link to Todd’s Online Lessons: Tourism Keys Internet Marketing Lessons.

These lessons pretty much cover what we learned during the workshop. The one big difference is that he switched from “Blogger” to “WordPress” to create his blogs. He explains why in his blog on My #1 Internet Marketing Tool for 2008

For those of you involved in the tourism industry – you have to take these lessons.



Creating Video for Your Web Site or Blog

I would like to pass along to you 4 free online video programs that you can use to create videos for your blog or web page.

Video adds interest, color and excitement to your web page or blog. Once you have created your video with one of the above programs, you can either embed the video in your website page; or publish it to YouTube then embed the YouTube video.

This is an example of Animoto. I have created a short video and exported it to YouTube (Animoto does this for you – you need a YouTube account) then embeded it in this blog post.