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Geocaching at CAP

The theme for this summer’s Youth Initiative Program is Healthy Active Living. You might ask “What does Active Living have to do with computers?” There are many ways to integrate computers, information technology and current electronics with healthy living such as: using the internet to search for healthy alternatives, recipies, activities, exercises; using the computer to log physical activity and diet and tracking results; participating in active living discussion groups etc.

An increasingly popular activity that combines both physical activity and information technology is the use of global positioning units, or GPS’s. One of the most popular activities using a gps is Geocaching. Our youth interns are busy learning how to use GPS’s and all about geocaching, so they can assist the public with the use of their own gps’s and give assistance to anyone who wants to get involved in geocaching.

To learn more about geocaching watch the below videos then go to http://www.geocaching.com/.

How To Geocache