Nova Scotia Come To Life

Come to Life by Bruce Guthro

On June 3rd, Eric Stackhouse (Chair for NS CAP) signed the Nova Scotia Come to Life charter on behalf of the members of Nova Scotia C@P, officially making us chartered members of Nova Scotia Come to Life.

The Nova Scotia Come to Life charter members are organizations, associations, universities and business in Nova Scotia that represent our collective strengths and successes as a province. Members sign an official charter document which formalizes their involvement in telling Nova Scotia’s story to the world.

Becoming a charter member means working with other Nova Scotia leaders to:

  • help promote Come to life activities as they are launched
  • participate in a variety of advisory opportunities that help guide the evolution of the initiative
  • promote the key attributes of Nova Scotia at every opportunity through marketing and communications activities
  • act as an ambassador of Nova Scotia when called upon to participate in Come to life activities.
  • share initiative communications with business colleagues and associates, including customers and employees whenever possible encourage other businesses and private groups to support the Come to life initiative.

A Unique Advantage

To be successful, the Nova Scotia Come to life initiative must be a partnership with leadership from both the public and private sectors. No one sector alone can redefine Nova Scotia and change perceptions about the province. It must be a combined effort with active partners.

Additional benefits of becoming a charter member include:

  • access to, and participation in Come to life activities, seminars, workshops, missions, etc.
  • opportunities to provide input on development of the initiative
  • inclusion in Come to life communications activities
  • access to the network of Come to life charter members
  • opportunities to consult with government officials on Come to life activities

Our Youth Interns and volunteers welcome visitors into their C@P sites everyday. Some of these visitors are tourists, other are local residents. We have the perfect opportunity to act as ambassadors for Nova Scotia and pretty much already do so by sharing our success stories and helping people connect to the world.

Pictures from Charter Signing:


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